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Todd wrote :
My wife, two nieces, and I booked Raphaelle for a full day during our recent four-day Paris visit and my only regret is I didn't hire her for two days. We met her at 9:30 at a metro stop near Montmartre, but she was more than willing to meet us near our apartment, and started the day with a history-rich walking tour of the Montmartre area culminating at the Sacre Coeur. She led us to a nice Brasserie for lunch and then guided us through the Orsay museum, which she had previously bought tickets to speed our entry. She has such broad and deep knowledge of history and art and a passion for her profession. We bombarded her with questions throughout the day and she always had insightful responses. After the Orsay, Raphaelle continued the tour with a stroll through the Tuileries gardens and at 17:30, we concluded our tour exhausted--except for Raphaelle who was willing to keep going. Raphaelle was very flexible in setting the program for the day, working with me over multiple e-mail exchanges. It was also great to talk to a Parisian about life in Paris. Raphaelle sent us multiple messages the following day or our tour based on other things we told her were on our Paris agenda, like when there English tours were provided at Opera house, and to plan extra time for getting to the airport on our departure day due to a running race occuring near our apartment. I highly recommend Raphaelle. She is very reasonably priced and a super tour guide/professional.

Rosa wrote :
We spent two half days with Raphaelle touring Montmartre and Muse dOrsay as well as walking around Paris. She is simply the best! Its amazing how knowledgeable she is, and her passion for the history and art really comes through. My 2 teenagers as well as my husband and I wish that we had spent every day with her. We highly recommend her. You would love her.

Cathy wrote :
We had Raphaelle for a day in Paris and it was one of the best days of our trip. We saw and learned so much that day. She navigated us around so easily and quickly. I loved our itinerary. I would certainly hire her again if we were to return to Paris. In fact I would be very disappointed if we could not make arrangements to meet. Thank you Raphaelle

Dominique and Chris wrote :
Raphaelle hosted my husband and I for a most spectacular tour of Versailles yesterday (9/22/2015). Raphaelle's expertise, her tenacity with crowds, her enthusiasm, and her comprehensive handling of all details of our visit was delightful. She's a "national treasure." I recommend her for any guided tour - you will not be disappointed!

Phil, Chicago, IL wrote :
My family wanted a guide to help us navigate the Louvre for a half day. We found Raphaelle's name on a Tripadvisor Louvre forum. She was absolutely outstanding, exceeding our expectations in all areas. Her English was excellent. She was able to purchase our tickets ahead of time to minimize the wait time. Her knowledge of French history, art, and the Louvre objects was thorough--she was able to answer every question we had. What made her especially wonderful was her passion for her work--it was clear she takes pride in being an expert and has worked hard to get to that level. We also appreciated that she made the museum come to life for our youngest (nine year old daughter), by pointing out things in the museum that were of particular interest to children. Thanks, Raphaelle. We wish you the best.

Catherine M. wrote :
Thank you for your wonderful tours. My nephews and cousin (aged 16-22) absolutely loved your Paris tour and Louvre tour. They are still talking about their amazing trip. I am impressed that you were able to keep 3 boys engaged and entertained during our two tours. We really enjoyed our tour of Paris. Though I have been to Paris several times, you managed to introduce me to many new places and made me see Paris in a new light. Your Paris tour was very informative and gave me a new appreciation for the city. I can't wait to go back to Paris and take another museum tour with you. The last time that I went to the Louvre, I was overwhelmed by the size. I do not know much about art and all the paintings bled together. It was wonderful having you there on my last visit to explain the significance of the various pieces of art that we viewed and to put the pieces into context. Though your tours were great, your kindness will never be forgotten. You went above and beyond my expectations.

Stewart wrote :
Thank you Raphaelle for the two custom tours you provided us. I know that the topics were outside the "normal" but both days with you exceeded my expectations. The amount of research you did prior to the tours was evident by the quality of the information and sights we saw. I will definitely turn to you for additional tours as well as recommending you to our friends.

Mrs Delgado wrote :
Dear Raphaelle, I want to take this opportunity to say "Merci beaucoup" for your kindness and patience, your generosity with time, and for the many extra side trips. You are a gem and we all take our hats off to you. All of my lady friends gave you a 110% thumbs up and you are the best personal guide I've ever had. I shared our touring experience with my husband and he asked if you do private guided tours of Spain because that's where he and I are going next year. It's too bad that you don't because I would hire you again in a heartbeat! Know that you will be highly recommended to anyone who wishes to visit Paris.

A. Link wrote :
We had a day and a half with Raphaelle in September and she made our time in Paris so wonderful. I feel like we barely scratched the surface of what she knew about the history and culture of Paris. We were especially interested in seeing farmers markets, experiencing the French lifestyle and then of course, seeing some of the major sights in Paris and she accomplished every single thing. She was lovely to our children and could tell my husband and I all about the history of the churches and landmarks we were seeing. She was flexible, accommodating and personable. I couldnt recommend her more highly!

Louise,Alex,Toronto,Canada wrote :
I had planned a European trip for April 2010 for my wife and I,with a 3 day stop in Paris.I,we wanted to experience,History,Culture,to fee Paris in that short time.After much reading and research I decided that a tour guide would be the best way to achieve that.I spoke to many "Guides" or many who thought they where.Over and over again there was one whom was articulate,very well spoken,and was very passionate in our discussion's,Raphaelle.I felt confident in hiring her for our trip to Paris.Raphaelle answered all my quieries.there where MANY believe me! She planned our itenerary for 2 day's,made restaurant reservation's,made suggestion's,when she thought needed to.She did a FANTASTIC job,her insight of all aspects of the sites,and French history in general was TRULY overwhelming!,she exceeded my very high expectations.Raphy made Paris amazing.! She is very educated,and her command of the English language is excellent! I saw group tours,and,there is no way you could acheive what we did ,in a group.She was very Well worth it!! We would recommend her without question.As my wife said to me in the Louvre while enjoying a masterpiece,and what Raphy had tell us about,"Raphaelle bring's thing's to life!" that say's it all Bonne Chance!